Bura na maano... Holi hai!


H oli is India’s most fun, loud and boisterous festival. Also inexpensive. All you need is a packet of gulal and the fun just starts!

Here’s a look at some elements of Holi that make it such a cracker of a festival. Dude, seriously, it’s not Holi until:

1. You spend it with your friends!

And making new friends is so much easier when you have colour in your hand and are a few drinks down.

2. You don’t bother about your clothes or hair before stepping out!

For once. And don’t mind being seen with a vat of coconut oil in your hair and on your face!

3. You know you can put colour on your boss (and not get fired!), or on your secret crush (just say bura na maano, Holi hai!!!)

4. No matter where you are, you head home to eat mom’s cooking today!

And feast on countless gujiyas, dahi bade, chaat and that special lunch of bhuna mutton and puris!

5. You look out for that one friend who can get you bhang pakodas and the official drink of Holi – bhang thandai!

6. You discover old songs like Rang Barse... and realise that dancing to them is a lot of fun!

7. You look over your shoulder and at neighbours’ balconies – checking for any lethal water balloons coming your way!

And get drenched anyway!

8. You experience what egg, black paint, grease, and other assorted things feel like when being rubbed on to you!

Yuck! You say? Just wait till you end up with a rotten tomato on your head!

9. You know you are un-recognizable, still pose for scores of pictures and that mandatory selfie!

10. You hope and pray that no one pushes you into the pool with coloured water, like last time!

And history will repeat itself this time as well!

11. You book a session at your salon the next day for all the anti-tan, cleaning treatments etc.

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12. You are invited to more Holi parties than you can attend, and enjoy them with people twice your age, half your age, old uncles, crazy cousins, new neighbours, ex-colleagues...EVERYONE!

So just a few days to go – make sure your arsenal of gulal, paani wale rang, pichkaris and other assorted materials are ready.

Have a colourful, fun and memorable Holi everyone!

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