Established in the year 2009, mydala has marked its presence in the e-commerce industry as the leading online deal platform that features unbelievable deals and discounts on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in your city. In this era of constant technological advancement, mydala has stepped forward in the m-commerce space to cater to the dynamic usage patterns and demands of the consumers.

We are a comprehensive marketing platform offering customized and cost-effective solutions to SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises). It also delivers its services to renowned national brands, thus allowing them to reach their target audience through attractive offers, innovative branding, visibility and promotional campaigns.

mydala works with its trusted partners to provide consumers, exciting offers at unbeatable prices based on location and buying patterns via mobile and internet.

We sell stuff we crave to buy:

A great price is great BUT it´s also got to be a great product or service. We carefully select and work with the "best of the best" business partners and along with the unbeatable prices, you should feel at ease trying something new - just because it´s featured on mydala. We want you to be the face of mydala.

Our mantra is straightforward: We bargain! You Gain!

No Hidden conditions:

We hate it when we receive non-stop sms and junk mail (emails and paper) with the "once in a lifetime" deal offer! Don't We?

We want you to love, dream and think about mydala all the time. Hidden and non-transparent conditions that leave a bitter taste are a terrible way to accomplish that goal. We are not them!! We want you to feel good from the moment you buy a deal to the day you use it. Every deal is a bit different, but if there´s anything unusual about a deal (e.g. restriction to food only and not alcohol) we go out of our way to point it out in "Deal Terms."

Quick and friendly customer service:

Yes, like you, we´ve suffered through frustrating conversations with customer service, or waited days for an email reply to a simple question (and even then it does not answer our question). If you contact us, we´ll take pains to do what it takes to make things right - and we´ll do it fast. Really Fast!! Email us at, or call us at 011-43444444 Monday to Saturday, 9:30 am to 8 pm and you will get your queries resolved with the velocity of light! Taking to our customer care team will always be a delightful experience! Believe it!

What all this means for YOU is:

- plus much, much more.