Save Time & Money By Calling Your Salon Home!


Y ou want killer party hair or the perfect night-out makeup—or both. You could call around to several salons, engage in the back-and-forth scheduling negotiations, and perform personal calendar wizardry to secure an appointment.

Or, you could turn to Housejoy and have a beauty pro come to you.

Housejoy is an online portal which brings to you skilled beauty professionals who work with best beauty brands to give you personalized attention right at your home. Their beauty services include haircut, hair colour, hair smoothening, hair spa, hairstyle, beauty treatments, facials, manicure, pedicure, waxing, threading, body polishing, body massage, party makeup & hair and bridal makeover to name a few!

Your girlfriends, your boss, your neighbor and pretty much every woman you know has at least once tried getting beauty services at home! Here are a few advantages of getting prepped up at home:

1. No more battling through traffic!

Battling through traffic and then for parking spaces, pre-book appointments and still end up waiting? Why let all this ruin your salon experience? Opting for at-home beauty services from Housejoy will get the best-in-class beauty professionals at your door to pamper you with a salon-like experience!

2. You save A LOT of time!

Now that you won’t have to worry about taking your car out or hailing an Uber or a rickshaw and getting stuck in the traffic, just imagine how much time you’ll save by just staying at home! It's hard to beat the convenience and luxury of getting a beauty treatment done in your own home. Bliss!

3. You know nothing can get more comfortable than your own space!

There are women who enjoy the “process” of spas and salons... It’s like a ceremonial thing for them – those beauty magazines, the robes & head wraps, the “relaxation room” where you apparently sit uncomfortably opposite some other woman until a therapist comes in to perform the services... But that’s definitely not me... I like the product, not the process! Thanks to Housejoy, I can enjoy some chatter with my mom or sister (or even enjoy my own music!) while getting my nails painted...

4. You can easily indulge in post-treatment TLC

Smudged nails post your manicure appointment, rain dodging following a blow-dry, the struggle of having to wear flip-flops after a pedicure sesh, leaving a massage only to have to squeeze yourself onto a packed tube; these are a few common inconveniences that can occur after a visit to a salon, all of which can be eradicated by relocating these beauty treatments to your own home.

5. You're more relaxed

The main and probably only objective of getting a body massage is to relax & rejuvenate our bodies and mind. So when you go to a spa, how often do you think about going in a deep slumber? Well, you clearly cannot do that and a lot of other things when in a spa... Talking about spas, when you opt for at-home services, the therapist is all yours – no undivided attention or any external disturbances!

6. You can call in your girlfriends!

No more rushing to get your hair or nails done... Thanks to Housejoy, there’s now only one thing at the top of our social calendar: a girls’ pamper night in! It allows you to stay in and bring the joys of the salon directly to the comfort of your living room. So hang up your heels, pull on your bed slippers and get the girls around!

Let’s appreciate the logistics required to bring a facial or a spa sessions into your home (the impressive number of creams, serums, masks, boosters, sheets, etc.). Head over to to have a stylist on a day and time chosen by you, choose from a number of various beauty services and don't forget to "Add to cart" and click on "Checkout" button!

This deal from is too good to resist: Rs 300 off on beauty orders of Rs 999 & above!

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