We Love to Bargain But Nobody Does it Like Monisha


M ark your dates for May 16, as one of greatest TV shows of all times is coming back to your homes! After a gap of 11 years, the smiles will be back with Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai Take 2.

You have to admit that we all just loved this sitcom! The Sarabhai family was just so funny! Be it Maya’s witty digs at Monisha, the great husband & son and always-troubled Sahil, the master of sarcasm Indravadan, Rosesh’s epic poems and well, Monisha’s hilarious antics!

We love Monisha coz she is the Queen of savings and seeking out great bargains! Here are 6 times the bargain-savvy & savings queen Monisha was literally all of us:

1. Whenever there's a SALE!!!

Don’t we all just love a sale! Monisha would go crazy when she hears there’s a sale going on. No matter where it’s being held, she has to rush there... She would even go to Las Vegas for that!

2. When some serious bargaining is required!

Once she posted a classified ad on a Tamil newspaper because they run the ad for 4 days while an English newspaper would charge the same amount for 1-day ad. We get it, posting an ad in an English daily could cost you a bomb!

She wouldn’t shy away from bargaining with God either – she’d ask for money refund when her mannat isn’t fulfilled... Sounds legit!

On another instance, Monisha was seen selling old clothes in exchange for new vessels. Not only that, she bargained with that vendor too! Our moms also have been guilty of doing the same…haha!

3. When she did a happy dance on scoring a great deal!

Monisha got so excited on realizing that she'll get unlimited khana, do farsaan aur do mithai with free masala supari for just dhai sau rupaye (Rs 250). Don’t we all just look for ways to get a good deal before we go out to eat? Well, we’ll make it easier to find amazing deals for you… Click here.

4. When she let nothing go waste!

That one time when she snipped Sahil's old trousers to make capris for herself... we have all been there. From making denim shorts out of old jeans to making crop tops or shrugs from old ratty t-shirts... Because why buy it, when you can DIY it!

You can always rely on Monisha to make the best out of waste, case in point above!

5. When she taught us to save as much as we could!

Aww Monisha! Well, we’ve told you before that one of the first steps to saving money is not to "buy" your meal whenever you can.

6. When she tried to get free medical tests!

Take a leaf from Monisha’s book and pretend like you’ve got a really bad headache – because anything for free tests... no?

Even after Maya’s sarcastic insults, Monisha's not the one to take offense – she’d rather take free hari mirchi & dhaniya from a vegetable vendor than take that!

Can’t wait to see the Monisha again!

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