How To Get Gold Leaf Hair


. ..without looking like you’ve put silver warq from mithais on your hair!

There’s a new hair trend that’s been doing the rounds on Instagram - 'gold leaf hair’. Instagram is notoriously known for bizarre looks and trends – some make the cut and some don’t. But this is one trend that’s like a breath of fresh air. Yes, it is beautiful and stunning!

Just check out some pictures of this trend:

It’s a very bold look and I haven’t seen many Indian people trying it. But it’s sure to make heads turn – especially during the wedding/festive season where some glitter and gold can be used to dress up your hair!

DIY – Here’s how you can get the look:

  • You’ll need gold leaf sheets that are easily available in any craft store, or get it online here and here. You’ll also need a paint brush and hair mousse.
  • Paint mousse using the paintbrush on the area you’d like to cover.
  • Carefully pat down sheets of gold leaf and let it sit and harden for some time. Be careful while putting it on, as these sheets are really thin and can almost melt in your hands. So, instead of fingers, you can use paintbrush or tweezers.

The result is glamorous golden hair perfect for festive season. When your hair glistens, you don’t even need to do too much to your face – you can go easy with the makeup and can do away with striking jewellery too!

Will I wear this trend? Absolutely! If you feel that this is not for you or that you can’t carry it off that well, then just brush it off and put on a metallic hair jewelry that looks equally amazing!

Are you game enough to wear this trend?

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