5 Gifts For Your Tech-Savvy Friend This Christmas


I n a week, the most magical time of the year will be here. It’s the time to indulge with lots of food, wine and…, we don’t just mean to get them, it’s also the time to give! In the last couple of years where everyone’s talking tech and wearables, we thought it’s time to come up with our list of cool tech gifts that you can give to your friends, relatives, heck even your mom would use!

Here are some of the things we found handy keeping in mind budgets, size and of course easy-to-use tech. The best part is that you get amazing products at international retail prices…yep, no paying a huuuuge duty for being in India. It’s all about extraordinary innovations, the things you don’t find every day!

Here's what we loved from Tectotron:

1. Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker

For your forgetful friend - help is here in a cute shape and many colours too! This Bluetooth tracker for keys, wallets or bags will help you find anything.

Well, almost anything!

You can attach it to your keys or drop it in your bag. When you can’t locate these items, simply track it on your phone. The device plays a loud tune that can easily be heard within the 200-feet Bluetooth range.

You could even attach it to your dog’s collar so Tuffy never gets lost! Its wireless and has a battery life of 8 months. Peace of mind. Guaranteed!

Buy Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker for Rs 2,550

2. PIC - Daily life events camera

We all have that one friend who is addicted to selfies. Why not make their life easier and let an everyday camera do it for them! Think Instagram videos meet selfie queen to the best possible level. For your friend whose everyday life is so exciting that it just has to be recorded! This tiny, wide-angle camera is what will just make his day – in HD quality!

Truly flexible, the PIC can be placed anywhere – on your head, around your bike, on a pole, even around your pet’s tail! It’s so lightweight, can be carried anywhere and is waterproof as well (maybe firing New York goals of a scuba diving trip?)

This one, I’m getting for myself!

Buy PIC Flex Cam for Rs 11,599

3. VR Goggles with headphones

Ohhh…this is something that we would gift ourselves to make believe we’re in the Matrix. Everyone is talking VR these days but you can be one of the first gamers to actually own it. These VR goggles with headphones are the IT thing in immersive entertainment. The feeling that you’re really a “part of the game”, travelling to exotic locales and learning new things without leaving the comfort of your couch is now a reality.

Buy VR Shinecon VR Goggles for Rs 3,199

4. Dacuda Text Scanner

The world’s smallest pocket scanner. Just a few waves of this handheld scanner on old photos, receipts and just about any text, and you get the picture on your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. You can also edit a text or table on Word or Excel.

At just 85gm it’s easy to slip into a purse and not even notice till you need it which is often. The best is that it works with most mobiles such an iPhone and Android phones. You can also edit and listen to information later according to your convenience.

Perfect for the avid reader/writer or even a journalist friend who goes through lots of reading material!

Buy Dacuda Text Scanner for Rs 11,600

5. Lucis Lamp

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could change the lighting according to your mood! The Lucis Lamp does just that with over 16 million colour options! No buttons, no app, just shake it and play with a million colours. No wires and no fumbling around over buttons, let the lamp light up your world!

Lucis is a tiny portable lamp and you can carry it around just about anywhere – to a park, garden, pool party, beach or a romantic dinner! I’m getting sooo many ideas!

Buy Lucis Lamp for Rs 6,300

Liked what you saw – well, there are many such products available – browse through for your tech fix! Ciao!

  • Sunanda Krishna
  • 15 December 2016
My friend would totally flip over the PIC camera, but since he's so forgetful, I'll be getting him the Chipolo tracker instead! :))
  • vivek Bhatnagar
  • 15 December 2016
This blog has some good stuff....i like "PIC - Daily life events camera " will try to get it as soon as possible
  • Ritin Gandharva
  • 15 December 2016
I want them all :O
  • Jyotsna
  • 15 December 2016
This blog is like Santa to me surely going to pick at least 2- 3 gifts for myself this Christmas. Thanks for all these out of the box ideas they are a amazing .
  • Sneha Rawat
  • 15 December 2016
Now i know what i will gift my techie friend on Christmas. Thanks to this blog!

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