5 Ways You Can Save Money on Your Next Spa Visit


C hanging lifestyles, working schedules and everyday stress takes a toll on your body and you feel that you need some pampering... But you stop right in the tracks because a spa visit could end up being an expensive affair, right? Don't let the huge bills deter you from having some relaxing "me-time" at a spa...

Want to de-stress for less? You, too, can earn free services and score great discounts... Here are some ways you can pamper yourself without spending a fortune!

1. Sign up for newsletters

If your favorite spa has a website, sign up for their newsletters. You get discount vouchers on signing up and you never know when an exclusive deal comes your way!

2. Call it a (spa) day

Get together with a few of your girlfriends and make it a spa day. Most spas offer discounts on certain services if you go in a group - make the most of it!

3. Look for spa packages

If you want to avail more than one service, do opt for package deals. Spa packages are offered at a fixed priced and you can also split up several services that you can avail on your next visit without paying anything extra.

4. Go on off-peak times

Saturdays and Sundays are the time when most people choose to relax and go to a spa. Call in your spa and ask if they can schedule your appointment during a weekday, when the prices of services normally drop down...

5. Spread love

Want a discount or a free spa treatment on your next spa visit? Go ahead and spread the word – refer to your friends *and* their friends... You and even your friend might get a chance to get a special deal on certain services!

  • Anil Sharma
  • 02 May 2017
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