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3.8 stars - based on 8 reviews of SattyInk Art
Dheeraj Kumar Sinha
23 May 2013

SattyInk Art Studio is tattoo designing studio in Delhi making best designs using only new needles for each client, for tattoos and body piercing. It is affordable with its discount packages without any compromising of its quality.

07 February 2013

Its a very good place for tattoos lovers , services are very fine , i personally had a tattoo from SattyInk Art but the tattoo shop is bit congested .

Manish Sharma
25 December 2012

SattyInk Ark is committed and is religiously working for the growth of Tattoo Art in delhi..Trusted place for permanent Tattoo in delhi ! Will have one more Tattoo from Sattyink soon ! !!! but ambiance was bit conjusted,merchant was good.. Services were very good.. I like it

27 November 2012

Services were good, merchant awsome the, ambiance was good

Shagun Sharma
27 November 2012

tattoo was super small, tattoo rubbed off, services were not good at all, my tatoo is faded off now

Akaanksha Gosain
27 November 2012

Services were very good, I am waiting for the deal to come , they are very hygienic person and there outlet is awsome

27 November 2012

The services were fine, ambiance was bit conjusted,merchant was good

27 November 2012

Services achi thi, ambiance is good

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