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6 stars - based on 3 reviews of Mad Over Donuts
Malad West
25 August 2016

Their service was okay but the donuts were delicious. I even availed the offer of buy 6, get 6. yaay :)
But over all it was a really good experience.

17 August 2016

Awesome donuts. Love this outlet and almost all their donuts. Double Trouble is my favourite. Highly recommend to any donut fan.

Ratnika Agrawal
12 August 2016

my dala rocks when it comes to deal
mod is delighted
I would recommend you to try the deals frm frm my dala

Sector 18 Noida
03 June 2016

Best outlet to have donuts in Noida.

I ordered frm GIP outlet and the donuts were fresh and smelling good.
My parents had come over for tea and i ordered Original Sin (my personal fav), Dark Knight and Double Trouble ..their donuts are reasonable priced if compared to Krispy or Dunkin'. But the icing on the cake was the 20% discount voucher that i got frm .. amazing offer .. we actually paid for 4 although we ordered 5 !! :P :D :)

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