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04 August 2014

I had my worst SPA experience of my lifetime that I can't even express in words, but since I don't want other people to be fooled and have same experience, I have to write this review.

Monday-04-08-2014 11 A.M
I was in Gurgaon to collect my driving License from the Court and my Lawyer's assistant told me that I have to wait till 2 PM for the hearing. I left the court at 12 PM thinking what could I do to make this bad humid hot day into a nice and relaxing day. I then did a quick research on nearby SPAs and thought of visiting Relaxe SPA in MGF mall (3rd floor). Bam, this was the worst decision of my life.

Around 12:15 PM, I went in the Relaxe SPA and paid for 60 minutes Body massage. Soon after , I was directed to washroom (since i asked for one) and then the receptionist showed me the room. I changed my clothes and wore disposables, In comes a fat ugly chick( Anisha), I wondered why they keep such girls in SPA business, I mean they gotta have hot chicks for this ( no offense), but then I thought she might be good at massage.

She started massaging on my back and due to her heavy weight it was so uncomfortable that I felt like puking due to pressure. Nevertheless, she then asked if I needed an extra service which of course I denied to, soon after I realized she got furious knowing I didn't want any of her "EXTRA" services!!

Ok, 50 minutes past by and she asked me to take shower, i took the shower, came out and wore my pants and OH MY GOD!!! My WALLET , yes people my ***WALLET*** was GONE! I was shocked and didn't know first what happened but then I remembered , my wallet was with me all the time so it must had been lost during the time i was taking shower.

I asked the masseuse if she knew where my wallet was (I had no such intentions of blaming her because she was the only person in room so I had the right to ask her), now, instead of helping or acknowledging , she started shouting and yelling at me that I was blaming her. Man, she had a bad mouth. I then came out and told the receptionist about my wallet.
Soon, all the masseuses came out and ganged up on me along with the receptionist.
I had no other option left then to call the cops. When I asked them that I am gonna talk to the cops, a cleaner boy came and said "Sir here's your wallet, you left it in the washroom". I was like WTF, I knew I didn't leave it in washroom but I even I had it when I was in the SPA room.

Soon after, the receptionist intentionally called the manager (or whatever I don't know whether he was or an accomplice to them) and had me talk to him. He apologized for what had happened but I refused since those girls were ganging up on me. One of the girls even grabbed my hand and shouted at me and said leave like I was looting them.

Guys, It's my humble request to everyone , PLEASE DO NOT visit this SPA in your life. This might happen to you as well as the girls over there are nothing but thieves.

P.S : I had to rate ordinary as this was the least one, otherwise , it doesn't even deserve one star.

Relaxe Spa specialize in customizing your spa experience with their wide array of services designed to relax and rejuvenate you inner self. Eacg treatment is custommade and tailored to your needs using the highest quality essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. Their services include Traditional Indonesian Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Thai Massage, Javanese Massage, Body Scrub, Foot Reflexology and more.