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Dilshad Garden : Apsara Border Chowk Road, Jhilmil Colony, Dilshad Garden, Delhi - 110095



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Slipper, Shoes, Floater, Bailey, Heel Slipper, Formal Shoes, Spots Shoes, Part wear Slipper, Bags, Belt


14 July 2015

I want know about this coupon valid online shopping or showroom in any place? If online shopping which ecommece website allow this coupon/ If showroom which showroom will applicable this coupon.

Sanjna Sharma
10 February 2015

Bata footwear's are probably the most popular brand of foot wares in India. Everyone in my family is a fan of them. It offers shoes (both formal leather shoes & sports one), sandals, and sleepers. I have one leather sandal, and a sleeper of Bata. Both of them are over a year old, and I bought them on the same day, and they are still looking good. The price range of Bata foot wares too, are good, and it starts form a price of everyone's budget.

Bata sleepers costed me 80 Rs. They are rubber made & I used them in my house & in bathroom. They are strong and still look new after a year. The same with the leather sandals, that costed me Rs. 800, they are black in colour, are of pure leather, and soft on foot, fits my leg sizes perfectly, and are very comfortable in walking.

Bata has lot of ranges, both in shape, and colours for all of its footwear. The same is true for quality, & pricing as well. But one thing is for sure, even the cheapest of Bata foot wear has some standard, & I have already both.

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Bata is the no. 1 footwear brand in India & has been holding a unique place in the heart of Indians for more than 75 years. From contemporary to fashion shoes, sports to outdoors, Kids to teens, Bata today stands for trendy, colorful & youthful footwear destination offering shoes & accessories for the entire family. With more than 1500 designs to choose from, the design inspirations are upscale international at affordable price.