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Acharya Sesh Kumar

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Moti Nagar : WZ 477 d/10 Basahi Darapur, Tyagi Market, Near Moti Nagar Cinema, Delhi- 110015


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horoscopes, palmist, Numerology, Vastu, Astrology Questions, Predictions on all fields like career, love, finance & family

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Dheeraj Kumar Sinha
24 May 2013

Acharya Sesh Kumar is know for its accurate prediction of future. Its most of the future statment has proved to be true. It gives its valuable advice over phone by calculating time of question and reading grah n nakshtras.

Django Foxx
24 February 2013

There were several questions I was trying to find an answer for. I've discovered Astrology therewith. I was in need of some good Astrologer and i came across Acharya Sesh Kumar. he solved all my problems..

Django Foxx
24 February 2013

Acharya Sesh Kumar is truly amazing! I can't say enough about how brilliant and highly trained he is. I recommend him to anyone who wants to see how using astrology can help accentuate the positives and downplay the negatives in their life!

2.8 stars - based on 5 reviews of Acharya Sesh Kumar
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