What Your Birth Flower Says About You!


F lowers are the bestest gift you can gift to someone…they are bright & beautiful and have the power to bring a smile to anyone’s face. They just make everything look and feel better. Flowers are a welcome substitute for words, and enhance each giver’s message with fragrance and beauty! And just like you have birthstone for your birth month, which symbolizes something significant to that particular month, you also have your very own birth flower!

Want to find out which flower is in line with your personality? Read on...

1. January - Carnation

If you’re born in January, then carnation is your flower. They come in a red, pink, white, yellow and purple. Just like roses, red and pink carnations symbolize pure love. Carnations are bright and happy and can make your chilly day feel warm just like those who're born in chilly and grey month of January. You are also a genuine soul and your peers love you!

2. February - Violets

Usually used as fillers, violets are your flowers if you’re born in February. These flowers symbolize loyalty and are a perfect gift for those friends who have always been there for you in time of need. People born in the month of love value honestly and loyalty and are the BFFs you can rely upon forever!

3. March - Daffodil

"...And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with daffodils..." Whenever I think of daffodils, this poem by William Wordsworth instantly comes to my head! Those born in March are said to be optimistic and that is reflected in daffodils which bring joy and indicate good times ahead.

4. April - Daisy

Daisies are for people born in April. These people are often adventurous and known to take their friendships seriously. They are known to have a child-like view of the world – just like daisies which represent purity and innocence. You are also extremely optimistic and your glass is always half-full instead of empty.

5. May - Lily

Lilies signify sweetness and humility. While those born in May do not consider themselves especially ‘sweet’, they tend to make friends quite easily. You also have a great sense of style!

6. June - Rose

The king of flowers – rose, is your flower! But you don’t necessarily have to be born in June to make it your own. People born in June are suckers for romance and there’s no flower that signifies passions better than a rose! You are also a perfectionist and try to bring out the best in others.

7. July - Water lily

Water lilies signify purity and majesty. Water lilies, apart from deterring growth of algae, provide shade to resident fish and frogs, thus representing joy to others. Gift water lilies to take out negativity from a person’s life and fill it with joy!

8. August - Gladiolus

The spear-like flower represents strength, integrity, calm and infatuation. You'll find yourself being drawn to people born in August as the flowers indicate that your heart is being ‘pierced with love’.

9. September - Morning glory

Grown as wild vine, morning glory is a perennial plant and is found throughout the year. Since morning glories make twists and turns to grow, it is often gifted to someone who needs determination to go after their dreams.

10. October - Gerbera

Gerberas signify innocence, purity and cheerfulness. These flowers come in a number of bright colours – perfect to make anyone’s day cheerful… Now I see why gerberas are my favorite!

11. November - Chrysanthemum

Come November, and we start to see chrysanthemums everywhere! Chrysanthemums symbolize friendship as people born in this month tend to go out, meet new people and make a lot of friends.

12. December - Petunia

Petunias are potted plants and aren't usually gifted as bouquets. These flowers are delicate and are bound to make anyone smile. When you gift these flowers, you mean that you find their company soothing and peaceful.

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