Chic Fitness Trackers You'll Never Take Off!


I f you are still clinging on to your New Year resolution to “get fit in 2017”, let's give you an added boost of motivation by getting you to look all snazzy while pushing you to take small healthy steps each day. At least. Fitness trackers are not a new phenomenon but like I always believe a little bit of cuteness goes a long way...specially in boosting our morale on those days when we’d rather run to a pizza than the gym.

We’ve found you some that are stylish yet highly affordable.

1. BellaBeat LEAF

Shaped like a leaf, BellaBeat LEAF is charming and designed exclusively for women. It can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or even a brooch by clipping it on the shirt collar. Made with American ash wood and stainless steel, LEAF syncs with iOS and Android smartphones over WiFi. The primary function of LEAF is to inform you about stress patterns, movement, sleep and reproductive health. Forget diamonds, you'll want these smart jewelry pieces instead.

LEAF is available in five different colours & patterns and the price starts from Rs 8,089 and is shipped worldwide.

2. Misfit Bloom Necklace

Wearable tech is mostly about wrists, but here’s something you can wear on your neck as well! The Bloom necklace is a celebration of floral patterns usually found in nature and vaguely resembles a celtic pattern. It works as an accessory with Misfit Shine. Since it works with Shine, you’ll first have to pop it inside the Bloom necklace. This necklace works as a pedometer keeping a tab on your activities, steps taken, distance covered and calories burned. You can view your logs and progress on iOS and Android app.

Bloom necklace is definitely one of the nicest-looking fitness accessories. Buy MisFit Bloom Necklace for just Rs 5,995.

3. Mira Wellness and Activity Tracker

The Mira Wellness and Activity Tracker is designed to motivate you and go about your fitness goals without compromising on your style. It syncs with iOS and Android smartphones with an engaging app called My Mira. The Mira bracelet is available in five colours and goes perfectly with every outfit in your wardrobe. It helps track steps taken, distance covered, calories burned and elevation.

Another unique function of Mira is its “Boost” option. It will ask you if you need inspiration and then will get you tidbits related to health and fitness to boost you to do more each day!

So it’s time to feel as good as you look! Buy Mira Wellness and Activity Tracker for Rs 5,387.

4. Amazfit Boom Sleep Tracker

This super-stylish sleep tracker by Amazfit tracks just how long you sleep and how well you sleep! This tracker is really sleek and has leather strap with gold accents and a ceramic body that stays close to your wrist. It has a built-in silent vibrator which, when paired with an iOS or Android app, will tell you when to sleep and ensure that you get quality sleep. It tracks light sleep, deep sleep and how many times you wake up in the night.

The activity tracking monitors and counts steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. Although it’s not a fitness tracker per se, it does a pretty good job at that! Buy Amazfit Moon Beam Sleep Tracker for Rs 5,449.

5. Jawbone UP2 Activity Tracker

UP2 takes the athleisure trend to a whole new level with its brand new band and 10 exciting colours. On the inside, it is a very powerful tracker which helps keep tab on your activities, sleep pattern and food logging. It is available in beautiful and pop colours which are launched in collaboration with OPI nail lacquers. The mobile app on iOS and Android includes Smart Coach which motivates you to take smart health choices.

This fitness band from Jawbone is probably the most powerful and highly affordable fitness & activity tracker. Buy Jawbone UP2 Activity Tracker for Rs 1,772.

6. Withings Activite Pop Activity and Sleep Tracker

Withings Activite Pop not only looks good, it also features really comfortable and highly durable straps that you can wear day in and day out. Plus, it looks sophisticated – you can easily wear it to formal events and pass it off as a regular watch who’s not a techy! The dial shows your activity goal in real time. It works with Health Mate app, available on Android and iOS, where you can challenge your friends and improve your daily activities. Activite Pop helps track steps taken, distance covered, sleep and even swimming!

Available in four pop shades, the price of Withings Activite Pop starts from Rs 7,254.

So if you’ve steered away from fitness trackers because of their bulk and not-so-good looks or hefty prices, it’s time to re-consider! All of these trackers are sleek, really stylish and won’t even burn a hole in your pockets.

  • Kanupriya Manchanda
  • 30 January 2017
IoT is the newest fad and I loved reading about the details of these smart wearables!

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